An FV Suspension Ambassador is a sponsored individual who believes in the FV Suspension name and our collection. This program allows you to receive a discount on FV Suspension and also showcase the products you recommend to your followers. You can do this through any social media category, and earn points back on recommendations made by you. These referrals can be word of mouth, over social media, or another unique avenue to garner more traffic.

Continue to grow your traffic and you will be automatically entered into a VIP Ambassador status with the ability to earn points on qualifying purchases even faster!


Once your sponsorship proposal has been approved, you will become an FV Suspension Ambassador. In addition to your percentage off of FV Suspension, you receive benefits as an Ambassador as well. You receive Points back per referral. Points equal money back. It's that easy!

FV Suspension Ambassador Program is extremely selective. Not all who apply will be accepted, and those accepted are typically given a percentage discount with their first FV Suspension partnership. We are looking for individuals to do more than just run our Suspension at a discounted rate. We want to establish partnerships with influential members of the community to positively promote our products online and deliver quality marketing content. Sponsorship percentage discounts increase from Bronze Tier, to Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


​We are looking for a strong social media presence, ideally on multiple platforms. Please note that the minimum follower total for our Bronze Tier is 1,000 followers, and requirements increase from there for heavier discount across other Tier levels.
  • 10-12 high-resolution professional photos are required within 45 days of receiving your Suspension
  • Members should be active, posting and tagging us 1-2 times per week, and these posts should garner around 100 likes per 1000 followers, as a general rule of thumb.
  • During show season it is mandatory to post at least once per week
If you meet the requirements and feel that FV Suspension is a good match for your high-quality build, feel free to apply below once we recieve your submission we will reply back to your email that you can submit your 10-12 photos.